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English speaking doctors/specialists in Magdeburg

From Indians in Magdeburg - A Guide for Students
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If you are living in Germany you must have a Health insurance. If you have a serious medical emergency or an accident you should immediately call the emergency number 112 (available 24/7 and free of charge from anywhere in the European Union). Remember to carry your health insurance card with you at all times!

If you get sick and it is not an emergency you must first go to a 'Hausarzt' or 'General doctor'. The general practitioner will then refer you to a specialist if you need one. You cannot go to a specialist directly, you must have a 'referral note' from the general doctor.

Visiting the doctor[edit]

For a general doctor, you can call them to get an appointment. If you cannot wait or the appointment is available too late, then just go to the doctors office as early as possible. It is very important to go early (check opening times on google) in order to get in the patient's list for that day. Depending on the number of people before you (with and without appointments), you might have to wait anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes for your turn to see the doctor.

At most doctors offices, you must wait in line to talk to the Secretary, who asks for you Health Insurance Card and enters you in the list of patients for the day. Some doctors offices have a token system. There is a token machine at the entrance (near the Secretary's office) and your number gets called out by the Secretary.

English speaking doctors in Magdeburg[edit]

Finding an English speaking doctor is not always easy. You can use the following link to look for a doctor. Choose Magdeburg under the field "Landkreis" (Region) and select your criteria such as "Fremdsprache" (language) and/or "Fachgebiet" (specialization):

For a general practioner choose "Algemeinmedizin/Praktischer Arzt" under the drop-down menu "Fachgebiet".

Emergency Numbers[edit]

Below is a list made by IKUS to show you the most important emergency-numbers:


  • Number of the police: 110
  • Number of fire department and ambulance: 112 (available 24/7 and free of charge from anywhere in the European Union)

Poisoning Emergencies[edit]

This number is for all poisoning cases: 0391-6701

On weekends, holidays or after usual hours[edit]


If you need help of a doctor on a holiday, weekend or after usual office hours, you should go to the Medico-Zentrum:

Medico-Soziales-Zentrum Leipziger Str. 16-17 39112 Magdeburg

Tel.: 0 391 / 62 79 600

Home visit[edit]

If you need a home visit of a doctor, call this number: 0 391 / 621 67 77 (from 18:00 tilll 07:00). For a Home visit, it usually takes longer for the doctor to come to your place, depending on how many doctors are on call. So if it is an emergency, call 112 or take taxi and go to the Hospital.


You should also know, which pharmacies are working after the usual opening hours. You can find the info in this list: Apotheken-Notdienstplan Magdeburg


In some cases you will need to go to a hospital. In Magdeburg you can go to the following hospitals:



Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg Leipziger Str. 44 39120 Magdeburg

Tel.: 0391 / 67 01


Klinikum Magdeburg[edit]


Birkenallee 34, 39130 Magdeburg

Tel.: 0391 791-0


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