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From Indians in Magdeburg - A Guide for Students
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Welcome to Indians in Magdeburg

A comprehensive compilation of useful tips for non-German speakers in the city of Magdeburg

About this site


This wiki is an initiative of the Indians In Magdeburg facebook group. The purpose of this wiki is to consolidate and provide useful tips and information about the city of Magdeburg to the non-German speaking groups who either live in the city or are new to Germany.

The information contained in this wiki aims to be especially useful for students who are new to Magdeburg and/or Germany, particularly in their very first days. We hope that everyone who comes to the beautiful city of Magdeburg enjoys their stay here.

This initiative is not in any way related to the private organization "Magdeburg Indians e.V.". The information available here is freely accessible for everyone to read and contribute.

Disclaimer: This wiki is based on the personal experiences of the students, and is in no way affiliated with the university administration or the student council. The guidelines recommended in this wiki are meant for general information purposes only. The wiki makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the supplied information for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

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Did you know...

  • ...that you are eligible to receive money from the the city administration when you register in Magdeburg as a resident student? For more information, check our article: City registration and Foreigners' office
  • ...that you may be fined 1000€ for downloading or streaming copyrighted content (e.g. TV series, Movies, Music, etc.)? For more information check this blog
  • ...that you should always read a contract (or even a form) in full before you sign? Read our article: Signing a contract - Do's and Don'ts
  • ...that you could be fined 20€ for riding a bicycle without a light or for not riding in the designated bicycle lane? Read the full list of rules here
  • ...that you can also contribute to the information provided in this wiki. Read our simple tutorial to get started.

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