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Social initiatives and Language exchange in Magdeburg

From Indians in Magdeburg - A Guide for Students
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Apart from studies and work, Magdeburg has a lot to offer in terms of social activities which provide excellent opportunities to get to know different cultures and promote language-exhange. Some of them are listed below:

Sprachcafe Magdeburg[edit]

"Time for you and your languages!"

is the motto of Sprachcafé Magdeburg which takes place every first and third Thursday of a month.

People from all over the world meet in Sprachcafé to practice their knowledge of foreign languages, to speak in their mother tongue and to get to know interesting people.

The concept is easy: For each language there is one table, where people can exchange stories in an intimate atmosphere. On every third Thursday of a month there is a special Sprachcafé with a particular topic. There you can play games, taste international food and learn more about different countries or regions.

For more information visit the SprachCafe Magdeburg facebook page.

Sprech-Café Zone[edit]

Organized by the Willkommensbündnis Neustadt, the Sprech-Café initiative invites German and non-German speakers to an open language-exchange with some tea or coffee with the aim to get to know each other and practice the language to want to get better at.

Apart from the Sprech-Café, the Willkommensbüdnis Neustadt also organizes several social and cultural events and festivals throughout the year to bring together people to different cultures and backgrounds.

For more information, visit their facebook page.

Sprech-Café Kiste[edit]

Feel welcome for an inter cultural exchange with native German speakers in a family friendly atmosphere. Talk about everything along with a hot cup of coffee and tea or a game of table-soccer, independent of language levels.

More information here.

Wednesday English Stammtisch[edit]

Get together at a bar, usually Espresso Kartell, and meet with other English-speaking Magdeburgers.

For more information, visit their facebook page.

English Debating Club Magdeburg[edit]

Since 2012 the debating club has been conducting weekly sessions in English as well. They meet twice a week to practice, in English on Thursday and in German on Wednesdays. Practice involves both workshops which teach you the basics of debating and argumentation, as well as a practice debate. Sometimes they also discuss certain debating relevant topics like personal autonomy, immigration and freedom of speech.

For more information, visit their website or join their facebook group.

International Cuisine at ESG Magdeburg[edit]

ESG (Evangelische Studetengemeinde) Magdeburg is a church group which regularly organizes International Cuisine evenings. These events are open for everyone irrespective of their faith. The event aims to bring local and international students together and learn about different cultures through cooking and eating together. Usually students from a country come together to cook some typical traditional food from their country. Thus, it is a nice way to learn some delicious recipes, learn about new cultures and get to know one another.

For more information, visit ESG Magdeburg facebook page.

Beginn Nebanan[edit]

The aim of the initiative BEGINN NEBENAN is to facilitate the direct dialog on an equal footing between newcomers and local residents of Magdeburg through personal meetings. These meetings intend to stimulate the intercultural exchange and, this way, to break fears and create an atmosphere of trust. In the long term a more objective image of each other should be developed.

As part of the initiative, regular meetings are organized at the “einewelthaus” or anywhere else in the city. Within these meetings collective activities like singing, dancing, painting, drumming, eating (and cooking), making handicrafts, climbing and much more are carried out. Through this common interaction, participants can leave their usual daily environment and enjoy joyful moments and experiences.

The organization team of BEGINN NEBENAN is a heterogenic group of volunteers, who live in Magdeburg and support actions in favor of civil society. BEGINN NEBENAN is an initiative under the association Integrationshilfe Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. and as such they work together for common objectives.Anyone willing to integrate to the initiative is gladly welcome. The equality among all participants and a common atmosphere, free of racism and discrimination, is of great importance for this initiative.

For more information, visit the Beginn Nebanan facebook page.

Nerd Nite Magdeburg[edit]

The basic idea is a perfect mix of science, entertainment and fun – putting it all together in a cozy bar. Three speakers present in about 15 minutes each a topic of their choice. The presentations are intended to be fun, yet informative and can go across all disciplines. There are no limits to your creativity. Participants are encouraged to ask questions.

The event started in Boston in 2003 ( and the motto is “It’s like the Discovery Channel – with beer!”. It is now represented in more than 80 cities around the world, and since 2014 also in Magdeburg.

Nerd Nite is regularly looking for speakers. If you are interested in giving a presentation or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them.

For more information, visit Nerd Nite webpage.

Foodsharing Magdeburg[edit]

Many foodstuffs land on the rubbish, although they are still edible. In Magdeburg, there are various points of contact where everyone can bring food which he or she does not want or would like to share. Everyone can take free food from the fridges - without having to offer something in return. You can also volunteer to pickup food from Cafes and supermarkets and drop it at the Foodsharing center EMMA.

You can find the refrigerators from Foodsharing at the following locations in the University:

  • Refrigerator OVGU 1

im Building of Hörsaal 1 next to the STURA office

  • Refrigerator OVGU 2

im Building 40, Room 2.40

For more information, visit Foodsharing Magdeburg facebook page.

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