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Public transport in Magdeburg

From Indians in Magdeburg - A Guide for Students
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Finding connections[edit]

The Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe (abbreviation MVB) is a local transport company in Magdeburg. It operates a 126.9 kilometer long railway network, of which there are 9 tram lines and 14 city bus lines. There are no trams at night and only buses operate.

In order to find a connection you can make use of the INSA website. You can either enter the name of the tram/bus stop or the exact address (street name, number) for finding your connections.

Using trams/buses[edit]

At the tram/bus stop[edit]

Trams and buses stop only at marked stops (green sign with "H"). There you will always find a timetable and often further information about the route network and the fares. At large station there are also electronic displays showing the next departures and additional information in real-time.

If you wait alone at a tram/bus stop, make sure that the driver can see you in good time. Otherwise it can happen that, particularly at night, the tram/bus passes the stop without stopping.


  • The doors are usually opened by pushbuttons. The buttons open the doors only when the tram/bus is standing at a stop.
  • Let other people get off before boarding the tram/bus.
  • The doors will close automatically after some seconds and can be opened again by re-pressing the button.

During your journey[edit]

On most lines the names of the next stops are shown on digital displays and are announced via loudspeakers. You can also track your ride with the INSA app on your smartphone.

Please observe the following rules of conduct:

  • Smoking is not allowed in public transport
  • People with restricted mobility, pregnant women and passengers with small children have priority when using seats.
  • Children should be supervised while travelling.
  • Passengers may not climb or stand on seats, or put their feet on them.
  • Drinking and eating is not allowed on trams.
  • Please do not talk loudly, and be considerate towards fellow passengers.
  • Only talk the driver when the bus is standing.
  • Only use the emergency brake in an emergency. Improper use will be punished.
  • Keep escape routes and doors clear of obstructions.

Drivers and service personnel (both women and men) are responsible for applying rules of conduct in the vehicles.

Getting off[edit]

If you would like to get off at the next station, please push the STOP-button or the door button in good time.

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