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Outdoor activities and sports

From Indians in Magdeburg - A Guide for Students
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There are several sports facilities at the University main campus as well as in public places in Magdeburg which can be accessed for free or with a small student fee.

At the University[edit]

Register for sports at university and that too first week of semester if you want to reserve a place. Sport courses usually happen one time a week and many courses will be available. There is also a gym at each sport hall. you need to register and have to pay money for card. Here is the link for uni sports webpage[1]. Create an account in Mein SPOZ as Intern with OVGU as institute to be able to register yourself with university mail id.

Go fit Indians In Magdeburg.

Outside University[edit]

Swimming halls[edit]

  • Elbeschwimmhalle: For one hour, you must pay 2.50 € (student price). You can also buy a 10er Karte (10 entry cards) for a discount. There is also a Sauna available here.

Address: Virchowstraße 9, Opening timings check [here]

  • Carl Miller Bad: Carl Miller Straße,

Opening hours and prices check [here].


This is a huge park with several sports and outdoor facilities like open-gym, wall-climbing, etc. During summer there is a small entry fee and during winter it is free. Opening hours and prices:

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