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Entertainment and Nightlife

From Indians in Magdeburg - A Guide for Students
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Here you will find some information on good student bars and things to do with your free time.


Although not so often, Magdeburgers can enjoy movies in original language in select movie theatres in the city. Look out for the abbreviations written next to the film title at the theatres: "OV" which means Original Version or "OmU" which means Original mit Untertitel. These abbreviations mean that the film will be in the original language.


You can catch a movie in English on Mondays. Usually the most popular movies are shown in the original language and only once, so keep checking their website to catch your favorite movie. Cinemaxx has reduced ticket prices for students (7.80€ - 10.80€) depending on the seat you select, and they charge 1 euro more if you book the tickets online.

Sometimes they also screen popular Bollywood or other Indian language films.

More info and program here.


Every Monday you can usually find a movie in the original language. This is a small theatre which screens international as well as German cinema. They also organize music concerts from time to time. The student price for tickets is 5€.

More info and program here.


Magdeburg has a lively nightlife and clubbing scene. The biggest concentration of watering holes and clubs can be found at the Hasselbachplatz. Below are a few popular student hangouts:

Near university[edit]

Some bars near the university are:

  • Moonlight: cheap burgers, daily offers and happy hours during the week. Ernst-Lehmann-Straße 16
  • Unitheke: cheap pizza and drinks. Universitätspl. 1
  • SC Barracke: the oldest student club in the city. Universitätspl. 2


  • Flower Power: Rock music. Breiter Weg 252
  • Shisha Habibi: Sternstraße 8
  • Jackelwood: live music on Tuesdays. Otto-von-Guericke-Straße 48
  • The Hyde: a huge selection of Beers both local and international. Sternstraße 29
  • Cafe Central: vegan food, they host many events like film screenings and live music. Sternstraße 30

There are many clubs/bars at Hassel, you can attend the bar-hopping evenings organized by IKUS in the beginning of the semester for new students to make new friends.

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