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Buying furniture, utensils and other household items

From Indians in Magdeburg - A Guide for Students
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Buying new furniture could be expensive for students who usually stay only for 2-3 years in the city. Therefore, many students usually buy second-hand furniture and household items. There are several platforms available to buy second-hand goods in Germany.

Online second-hand buy/sell platforms[edit]

Facebook groups[edit]

Some facebook groups where you can buy or sell you things:


Second-hand shops[edit]

There are several second-hand shops across the city. They are called as "An und Verkauf", you can google this to find shops near to where you stay.


"Flohmarkts" or fleamarkets can offer many things from interesting knick-knacks to electronics or bicycles. Every 1st Sunday of the month there is a fleamarket at UNI-CAMPUS, Pfälzer Straße, near Universitätsplatz.

The Ökosoziale Hochschultage Magdeburg group often organizes fleamarkets for clothes and other things as a way to promote sustainability and reduce consumerism. Check their facebook page for information on latest events.

Some others:

Stores for buying new items[edit]

Some stores where you can find cheap furniture:


The IKUS Magdeburg office has a cupboard for utensils which students can pick up for free. It is encouraged to return or contribute utensils back to the cupboard so other students can also benefit from this initiative. Pick up can be done during IKUS office hours.

You can also buy new utensils and kitchen stuff from supermarkets like Kaufland, NP or in stores like IKEA or POCO. Some stores in the malls like Allee Center or City Carre might also have good deals.

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