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Arrival in Magdeburg

From Indians in Magdeburg - A Guide for Students
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Following your arrival in Magdeburg, you can take a tram/city bus to your destination within the city. Please refer to Public transport in Magdeburg for details.

By plane[edit]

It is recommended to arrive in Magdeburg via the airports Berlin, Hannover, Leipzig, or Frankfurt/Main as these have the most convenient connections to Magdeburg [1].

Berlin - Magdeburg[edit]

Airport Berlin Tegel[edit]

At the airport Berlin-Tegel take bus X9 or TXL to “Berlin Hauptbahnhof” or to the station „Berlin Zoologischer Garten“. Then take a train towards Magdeburg.

Airport Berlin Schönefeld[edit]

There is a train station with connections to Magdeburg right at the airport.

Hannover - Magdeburg[edit]

At the airport Hannover take the tram no. 5 towards “Springe”. Get off at the train station “Hannover Hauptbahnhof”. At the main station of Hannover take a train to Magdeburg.

Leipzig/Halle - Magdeburg[edit]

There is a train station with connections to Magdeburg right at the airport.

Frankfurt/M. Airport - Magdeburg[edit]

At the airport Frankfurt/M. take a train to Hannover and change to a train to Magdeburg.

By rail[edit]

Trains are usually easier to find and more convenient than buses or carpooling for this purpose. The central station is located in the city centre. Magdeburg is linked to the ICE/IC network of the German Rail. For more information on train connections please check the Deutsche Bahn website at

Planning your rail journey[edit]

Online timetable information / Transit Apps[edit]

INSA – Transit App for Saxony-Anhalt[edit]
  • local trains, trams and busses of Saxony-Anhalt
  • long-distance and local trains in all of Germany
  • fare information within the areas around Leipzig/Halle (MDV) and Magdeburg (marego)
  • Real-time information for many lines in Saxony-Anhalt

The smart phone app is available for Android, iOS and for Windows Phone.

  • long-disctance and local trains in all of Germany and parts of Europe
  • most trams and busses in all of Germany
  • Real-time information mainly for trains
  • online booking of railway tickets

The smart phone app is available for Android, iOS and other systems.

Tip: If you do not know the name of the stop or station, simply enter the address (origin or destination) or use the GPS function of your smart phone to determine your location. INSA and DB Navigator automatically calculate the footpaths to and from the next station and show them on a map.

Ticket counters[edit]

In larger cities and at railway stations you can obtain information at the ticket counters of the transit operators. Please understand that not all employees speak foreign languages.

Tip: You can help the staff by writing down your destination, the desired day of travel and the number of adults and children on a slip of paper.

Hotline / Telephone information[edit]

There is an English-speaking INSA Hotline that helps you with information on trains, busses and trams in Saxony-Anhalt: +49 391 5363180.

Purchasing train tickets[edit]

Where and how[edit]

You should buy the ticket before starting your journey! Use ticket vending machines or sales counters if available at the stop or train station. If there are neither machines nor counters look immediately after boarding if there is a ticket machine on the vehicle. If this is also not the case, please contact the conductor or the driver for purchasing a ticket from them.

Validating your ticket[edit]

Some tickets must be stamped before boarding. For this, validating machines with slots (“Entwerter”) can be found on the railway platforms or in the buses and trams. Each ticket has to be stamped only once, even if it should be valid for multiple persons or multiple trips. Weekly, monthly and annual tickets must not be stamped. If you are unsure, please ask the staff or other passengers.

Things to consider[edit]

  • Please have the exact fare ready. Ticket vending machines, conductors and drivers are unable to handle a lot of small coins or large bills.
  • Please always carry the (validated) ticket with you for being able to show it if you’re asked to.
  • If you can’t show a valid ticket, you have to pay a fine of 60 euros .

Tip: Depending on the region, it may also be possible to purchase your ticket via your smart phone.

Traveling by train[edit]

At the station[edit]

Departure timetables are yellow (arrival timetables white). They show the departure times, the train number, important stops, the destination station and the platform number. Larger stations also have electronic displays. Delays, cancellations and other important information about the individual trains are shown as scrolling texts. Please ask the train staff or other passengers if you don’t understand them.

Please note the following safety instructions:

  • Accessing or crossing the railway tracks is prohibited in Germany! Never walk on or beside the tracks. Trains run very quickly and quietly and do not signal their arrival with their horns. If you enter the tracks, you bring yourself and people following you in danger and you risk paying a fine. Therefore always use the bridges, tunnels or level crossings.
  • Passing trains have a dangerous suction effect. Make sure that you always keep a safe distance from the platform and observe the white line.
  • Overhead lines pose a risk to life even from a distance. Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters and do not approach the overhead line while holding an object.
  • At level crossings / St. Andrew’s cross pay attention to acoustic signals and lights. Wait in front of the barrier if a train is coming even if the barriers are still up. Red light, flashing red light or yellow light mean: Stop! Do not venture on to the crossing!

Getting on and off the train[edit]

  • The entry and exit is possible only at the stations.
  • Press the buttons to open the doors. The buttons will only work when the train is standing at the station.
  • Let other people get off before boarding the train.
  • The doors will close automatically after some seconds and can be opened again by re-pressing the button.
  • Never leave a train if it stops between stations. Unscheduled stops generally do not pose any risk.

During your journey[edit]

Current information on your route can be obtained from digital displays (usually at the entrance/exit areas), posters with route information, leaflets at your seat (only on long-distance trains), announcements on the train/bus and the DB Navigator app. Since most of this information is provided in German, please speak to a train attendant or a fellow passenger if you have any questions.

If you are on the wrong train/bus, ask an attendant or passenger where to get off and how to get to your desired destination. Inform the train attendant in good time if you are going to miss your connection. The train attendant can then try to make the train wait for you.

Please observe the following rules of conduct:

  • Smoking is not allowed in public transport
  • People with restricted mobility, pregnant women and passengers with small children have priority when using seats.
  • Children should be supervised while travelling.
  • Passengers may not climb or stand on seats, or put their feet on them.
  • Please do not talk loudly, and be considerate towards fellow passengers.
  • Only use the emergency brake in an emergency. Improper use will be punished.
  • Keep escape routes and doors clear of obstructions.

Drivers and service personnel (both women and men) are responsible for applying rules of conduct in the vehicles.

By bus[edit]

Buses to Magdeburg arrive and depart from the central bus station. The Zentrale Omnibusbahnhof Magdeburg (ZOB) or central bus station in Magdeburg is situated next to the central train station and within a few minutes walk from the city centre.

Purchasing bus tickets[edit]

You can purchase your ticket from the driver. But it is also possible to buy the ticket before starting your journey! Use ticket vending machines or sales counters if available at the stop or train station. It could be more convenient to buy tickets online. You can search for bus connections using the following websites:

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